Password or Log-in Issues?

One of the most common issues for new users is logging in after a password reset. Here are a few of the most common user errors.

Wrong Site

  • If you reset your password, you need to navigate back to YOUR site in order to log in and edit. Your site is
  • Adding /wp-admin to the end of your site name means you are trying to log in as the admin, or owner, of the site. You may only edit your own site, so if you go to the main site and try to log in by adding /wp-admin, you will be given an error message like the one above. Note the URL address is “” rather than an individual user’s site, such as This may also result in a lockout.
  • Once you are logged in to your site, add a “log-in” widget to make this process easier. Go to Appearances>Widgets, and then click + to add the widget. Depending on your theme, you may have several options for placing the login/logout widget, for example on sidebars, top, or bottom of your site.
Screenshot of widgets dashboard and search for login/logout widget

Wrong Password

The UNEportfolio Network is not linked to Okta. Resetting your Okta password will not reset your UNEPortfolio Network password (or vice versa).

If you are having trouble logging in, visit SASC during our drop-in hours. See TutorTrac for details.