WordPress, the system on which UNE Portfolios runs, is an open-source, world-class, full-featured content management system. About one in three websites across the globe run on WordPress. Yes, that’s 33% of all websites! WordPress skills and knowledge are real career-readiness skills, just like Excel, ArcGIS, or Photoshop. This is one of the reasons we have selected it for UNE Portfolios.

The widespread use of WordPress helps to make your ePortfolio¬†portable! Right now, your ePortfolio is at UNE Portfolios. But you might decide you want more control over it, perhaps because you want more space or the opportunity to run an eCommerce site as part of your professional identity. Or, we know that you’ll graduate. You’ll want to take your ePortfolio with you! Many hosts offer low-cost sites (@ $25-$30/year), and your content can easily be exported from your UNE portfolio site to a personal site. Some companies, such as Reclaim Hosting (UNE Portfolio’s host company) offer domain name registration in conjunction with hosting services.

Moving content is easy with WordPress. You can simply follow the tutorial put together by WPMU DEV. Or you can see the video version of the tutorial stream below: