GarageBand (Audio Editor)

GarageBand software is designed for musicians to create and edit music, but it can also be used for making voice audio recordings. It allows users to add layers of sound and edit their audio projects.

DigiSpace does not formally support GarageBand, but we understand that some users may choose to use it since it is already on an Apple device. Like Audacity, GarageBand is free to download. Also Audacity is not compatible with Macs running with the latest Catalina update. If you are not sure if your Mac is running Catalina, check by clicking on the apple in the upper left corner and selecting “About this Mac.” 

If you elect to use GarageBand, below are some helpful tutorial sites, some from the official Apple support site, which offers sources specific to your device type, and a helpful video tutorial from a user.

Which ever your selected recording and editing software, we recommend uploading your finished recording to a cloud-based service. SoundCloud and Podbean offer free hosting, but you need to create an account. To learn more, click here.