Sample ePortfolios

This small collection of student sample sites is meant to illustrate the versatility of WordPress sites and their uses at UNE. The list moves from least independently developed to most independently developed. These sites have also been selected to offer examples of mutli-media and multi-modal projects.

One Course (In Development)

Some student sites include work from one course. The site may feature informal and formal writing, posts that serve as journals or blogs, or multi-media or multi-modal projects. Students with only one course may still be developing the site, but they are still able to customize to make the space their own. Customization includes applying a theme (template), including their own pictures as headers, and changing the standardized tagline (text below the site name) to explain the theme of the site. The following are a few samples.

Afnan’s ePortfolio was created in the third year of ePortfolio use. She chose the Hemingway theme and organized her course work by ENG 110 course learning objectives. Her posts also include projects such as a podcast created in Audacity and audio interview uploaded to youtube.


Also in the third year of the ePortfolio initiative, Livi’s ePortfolio was begun in her ENG 110 course. She chose the Lifestyles theme. Her content includes posts and samples of her writing and projects for the course. One notable example is a multi-modal essay, which includes photos and embedded video in addition to text.


Victoria’s ePortfolio was created in her ENG 110 course in the second year of the ePortfolio initiative. She has customized her site by choosing the Mad Hat theme, which includes a picture with each post. Her post Big Data Project is in the form of a short audio presentation. Her ePortfolio reflects the work she completed for the course and is organized by course learning objectives. She has also added original poetry to her posts and links to her social media profiles.



Lily used her ePortfolio for ENG 110. It includes blog posts and longer samples of writing. It was created in the first semester of our use of ePortfolio and only uses posts (as opposed to pages). Clicking on the graphic in the upper left corner will open a menu to access other posts. She chose the Praxis Lite theme. When reflecting on her ePortfolio experience, Lily said, “ePortfolio is a program where you can keep all of your work in one place that showcases the important work that you have completed. It is also a way for the instructor or peers to have easy access to your work at all times. Using the system has allowed me and my peers to have a place where we can keep all of our work to look back on and be able to share it with others…Not only that, it showed me the improvement that I had made within my writing.”


kennyKenneth’s ePortfolio was also created during UNE’s first year of ePortfolio use. Kenneth’s ePortfolio includes two courses that are linked: ENG 122/123.  Kenneth’s ePortfolio is structured around course learning outcomes and samples to demonstrate growth in those outcomes (seen as pages listed to the right) and posts in response to readings and class work (main text of site). He applied the Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme. Kenneth reflected on the use of ePortfolio in this way, “I’ve learned how the website works and how to make a website to work and look like I want it to… I could use that to distribute a background of me and some of my work. Mainly this ePortfolio is a way that I can show how my work has evolved from the begin of the semester to the end of it.”

Two or More Courses, Multi-Media

Jessica’s ePortfolio includes use in multiple English courses and in Public Speaking. She has chosen the Lifestyle theme and included nested menus with samples and reflection statements about her learning in her English courses. Her Public Speaking course includes videos shared through youtube.


Kaylee’s ePortfolio includes multiple courses and the use of nested menus as well as categories and tags to organize the ePortfolio by course. By using tags and categories, Kaylee’s professors and classmates can view only posts related to their course by clicking on the course number in the post. Kaylee’s ENG 110 pages also include reflections about her learning and transfer of her skills. She presents written samples, pictures, and presentations to demonstrate her learning. Kaylee has also chosen the Lifestyle theme. In describing her use of ePortfolio, Kaylee writes, “I have been able to use my site to post work for two classes that are very different because this forum allows any kind of work to be posted. I have been able to share podcasts, presentations, posts, essays, and pictures with all of my ePortfolio visitors…My favorite part about first creating my portfolio was that I was able to pick the theme and site layout. I wanted my site to represent both myself and my school. The photo I chose for my home page is a picture of the campus of The University of New England. This is a special place to me because I have moved here and am earning my first degree here…By learning how to navigate the site, I have developed a stronger understanding of website design.”

Beyond Course Work, Multi-Media

Bailey’s ePortfolio was developed to showcase her overall experience. Bailey developed her ePortfolio almost entirely on her own after being introduced to the project in November 2017. Developed during her senior year, Bailey’s ePortfolio is designed primarily as a showcase and includes internship experiences and an overview of her course work. She chose the Lifestyles theme. She shared this about her experience, “When I first found out that UNE was hosting domains for UNE students to create a portfolio, I was glad to have an opportunity to sit down and compile my college work, internship samples, and professional experience. I finished my UNE portfolio on my own time so that I could have a medium to attach to my resume for future potential employers to understand what my undergraduate career involved in a more in-depth manner. ”

Lara’s ePortfolio includes an overview of her course work and a professional section, including resume and personal statement, as well as pictures of her original art work. Her ePortfolio uses the Lifestyle theme. Since she began it during her senior year, Lara’s ePortfolio is designed primarily as a showcase but was also used for a spring 2018 course (Narrative Medicine). Thus, she elected to password protect the content related to her course (since that may not be as polished).

Hope’s ePortfolio began with course work from ENG 110. In addition, Hope has included a showcase of digital projects creating using a green screen, such as her Spanish 101 presentation and case study video project for her Mental Health and Society course. She chose the Nisarg theme, and her site includes learning aids  that she developed as a Digital Literacy Consultant for UNE’s DigiSpace. In reflecting upon her first experience with ePortfolio, she said, “In all honesty, my first impression of ePortfolio caused a great amount of fear. I remember staring at a blank website and thinking, ‘I have no idea where to start!’ However, I found that this website was very easy to design and figure out! In a short period of time, I was able to create posts, pages, and design my website to be my very own.”

    This is a small sample of the 1000+ UNE ePortfolios.  As UNE students shape their professional identities and share their experiences beyond the classroom, they demonstrate not only their skills and knowledge but their engagement with twenty-first century technology.