Soundtrap by Spotify (Audio Editor)

DigiSpace does not formally support Soundtrap, but we will help out if we can. Unlike Audacity or GarageBand, Soundtrap is cloud-based, so it is a good option for Chromebook users. Users should create a free personal account.  

Soundtrap also offers collaborative features, so it may be useful for recording multiple users who are not in physical proximity to one another. Similar to Google Docs, sound files may be shared and edited by more than one user and then saved in the cloud. You could also get a sharable link to “interview a guest” to call, allowing you to record via your account rather than as a file to be uploaded from your phone or computer.

Tutorials are on the Soundtrap site.

Soundtrap dashboard for recording voice

Which ever your selected recording and editing software, we recommend uploading your finished recording to a cloud-based service. SoundCloud and Podbean offer free hosting, but you need to create an account. To learn more, click here.