Embed Video

Video is a major component of the Internet, and it is often an important element of an ePortfolio. Some projects are video projects, and an ePortfolio tool needs to be able to feature those projects as easily as it features text-based projects.

It’s important to use a service like YouTube or Vimeo to host your videos and to embed them in your ePortfolio. Your ePortfolio disk space is limited, and video takes up a lot of space.

Your UNE Google account gives you ready access to a YouTube account, where you can upload your videos. To access your UNE YouTube, log into Okta, and then type YouTube into the URL in the same browser window. Upload your video to YouTube (it may take a few minutes). You might list your video as “unlisted” if you only want people with the link to access it. Once your videos are on YouTube, embedding them in your ePortfolio is easy!

In three steps, embed your YouTube video:

  1. Edit or create your post. Add the YouTube block.
  2. Copy and paste the URL from your published video.
  3. Click “embed,” and you will see the video. Play the video from your ePortfolio site rather than hyperlinking.
Step 1: Add YouTube block
Step 2: Copy YouTube shareable link and click embed button

Your video can now be played from your site, and people are able to leave comments on your site (as opposed to on YouTube). It will look like the video that is embedded below.

Want more info? See these resources from WP Beginner: written instructions at embedding video into a page or post and WP Beginner’s video tutorial below.

Our Editor is Block Editor: Explained in First Minute of Tutorial