Most people on UNE Portfolios are building ePortfolios in the space. For this reason, most of our tutorials here focus on WordPress, the website building platform for UNE Portfolios.

But the UNE Portfolios project is closely connected to the DigiSpace, a digital makerspace for people engaged in course-based and self-sponsored digital projects. Many students engaging UNE Portfolios for DigiSpace purposes are using iMovie for video editing, Audacity for podcasting, or some other digital communication and production tool. For this reason, we also include tutorials for some of the most common tools students will use.

ePortfolio/WordPress Tutorials
iMovie Tutorials
Audacity Tutorials

If you need help with some tool that isn’t included in our tutorials list, let us know through the Support page. We can probably help you out with your project, and we’ll consider adding relevant tutorials here.