Online Digital Support

Normally, this would be a “welcome back from spring break” message, but as you all know, our everyday lives are much different than we could have anticipated just a few weeks ago. At the beginning of March, I was able to visit NASA in Cape Canaveral, and I find myself thinking about it often. I’ve included a picture in the featured image because I want to call to mind journeys into space, particularly the first moon mission. Reaching the moon took cooperation, ingenuity, and loads of work by individuals and teams, and it started with a challenge to be successful at a task that had never been accomplished. People all over the world cheered as that mission brought us together in celebration of that success.

So although we may not be cheering about the change in our routines after this spring break, we are still in this together, and through cooperation and our individual efforts, we will adjust to our new distance learning model as we unite to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. DigiSpace and SASC staff are excited to offer online support to the UNE community. Students will still use TutorTrac to schedule appointments, but the support will be provided via a Zoom meeting. We look forward to seeing you!

To learn more, visit our SASC SharePoint site.