iMovie with Green Screen Overview

Green Screen and iMovie in the DigiSpace

Green screen allows you to add background to your presentation. You might add a series of pictures or just one. You may use a DigiSpace MacBooks to create your project, or you may bring your own equipment for recording and editing.

When preparing to use a green screen, be sure to keep these things in mind:

  • Do not a wear a green shirt. If the hue is too similar to the green screen, your background picture will be placed onto your shirt instead of being in the background.   

How should you prepare for the consultants at the DigiSpace to help you make an iMovie?

  • Invest a half hour or so to learn about iMovie using our tutorials ( Many features of iMovie are easy to figure out, but have a base of understanding about the software before using it.
  • Define the content of your presentation. Write and practice your presentation before you arrive to film it. Rather than relying completely on note cards, try to memorize the presentation or use the note cards only for reference.
  • Whether you are presenting as part of a group or on your own, be sure to plan ahead. Practice to get a sense of the length of the presentation. Plan to meet with everyone in your group to give yourself about double the time that it will take to film your presentation. Filming slots are in increments of one hour each.  
  • Take or find your background pictures and/or audio clips ahead of time. You may have some background pictures that you have taken or you may choose to download some stock pictures. If you are not using your own pictures, be sure to document the sources of the downloaded pictures and credit the source in a final frame of your video. 
  • Double-check the filming location and bring any props you may need. 
  • Edit your video on your own or with the help of Digital Literacy Consultants.
    • Create a new iMovie. Import your video and pictures into iMovie. The tutorials show this process, and our consultants are available to help.  
    • When editing, place the green screen video ABOVE the background pictures or video clip that will appear on the green screen area. Select the green screen video, and from the edit menu, select the overlay button (one rectangle over another) which is to the left of the color balance button (the half-filled circle). Select “Green/Blue Screen” to create an overlay of this video clip onto your background video or pictures.You might also add sound effects as a sort of audio overlay (sound effects are under the Audio menu).    
  • Edit your iMovie to your liking and then share it. You may share via youtube. Your UNE account information allows you to share in youtube without creating a separate log in. If you share in youtube, you will get a shareable link to add to your ePortfolio or to share with your audience.  

Our DigiSpace consultants are ready to assist you with this process.