iMovie (video editing) & Zoom recordings

iMovie is a video editing software application for Mac and IOS.  In iMovie, you can import and edit  photos and video clips, add titles, choose a theme, and add audio effects or music to your work.  You can also add a number of visual effects to your projects.

Below is a collection of resources and tutorials for iMovie.  As you progress through various projects, you may need additional resources or assistance– we are here to help.  Check our availability via TutorTrac ( or by following the directions here.

Getting Started with iMovie:

Video Tutorials (Basics):

Editing Zoom Videos (Basics):

Zoom screen recording with trim bar showing
Click on the scissors to get to the trim; drag to select sections to trim
  • Log into Zoom and go to Recordings.
  • Zoom allows for basic editing (trimming). If you want to do more than that, you will need to download the files and import them into a video editor.
  • To share through Zoom, you can select the Share button to get a link. To upload to YouTube, download the MP3 file, and then upload to YouTube. UNE creates a YouTube account for you, so go to Okta sign-in site and then navigate to YouTube. This will keep you logged into your UNE YouTube account.
  • YouTube will look for copyrighted materials (especially music) and ask you a few questions about audience. Once you answer the required questions and YouTube determines that you are not illegally sharing copyrighted material, your draft will be published.