UNE’s Domain of One’s Own Scholarship: Apply by May 4

Through ePortfolio, UNE is encouraging students to build a digital home for their academic (and other) digital work. The Domain of One’s Own scholarship provides the opportunity for interested students to extend the initiative and take ownership in building and maintaining their own domain.

Through a Domain of One’s Own award, recipients will be eligible to apply for a domain name and hosting to provide the infrastructure with which they can build, manage, and develop a professional digital identity. Recipients will receive basic hosting for the remainder of their undergraduate time at UNE, plus one year following their expected year of graduation. (For example, a recipient scheduled to graduate in May 2019 would receive two years of web hosting.) Recipients will then have the opportunity to take full ownership.

What are the selection criteria?

Students must have an interest in constructing and managing a digital space for creative or intellectual pursuit, as demonstrated by a current personal website or a developed and customized UNE portfolio site.

Recipients must be currently enrolled at UNE as an undergraduate.

What obligation do you have?

  1. You are not obligated to add any particular content, but you are required to develop the site within three months of receiving a Domain of One’s Own UNE scholarship.
  2. You are required to follow the terms of service guidelines of the University of New England ePortfolio initiative, which includes UNE’s acceptable use policy for students.
  3. You agree to have your site linked to UNE Portfolio site.
  4. You may be requested to attend a panel once per academic year to reflect on your experience with developing a domain of your own.

How do you apply?

Complete this form detailing your interest in having a domain of your own. You must be logged on through your UNE Google Docs to complete the form.  

Deadline for submission is May 4, 2018.

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