Why have a Domain of One’s Own?

The concept of the Domain of Own One’s alludes to Virginia Woolf’s extended essay “A Room of One’s Own.” Woolf, a twentieth-century writer, argued that women writers needed a physical and intellectual space as well as funding to begin contributing to the male-dominated area of composing and deconstructing literature. Jim Groom, working from Gardner Campbell’s idea of a personal cyber-infrastructure, introduced the concept of a domain of one’s own as the idea that students and faculty should have a domain on the Web to explore their own intellectual and artistic paths and better understand the way the Web works.

Having a domain of your own would allow you to go beyond limits of ePortfolio and into a space that is built and controlled by you. You will learn to maintain the site administratively, thus allowing you to build your digital skills. You will have a professional space to display your expertise, whether it be in blogging, photography, art, writing, server-side coding and scripting, or any of your academic or personal interests. You may choose to build your site using commercial web-builder applications or you may develop it on your own.

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