Bored? Try redecorating!

Tired of rearranging and/or cleaning your room? Why not take a half hour to “redecorate” your ePortfolio? Change your header picture, add a tagline, adjust your menu, or reflect on the first quarter of 2021, or imagine this summer — we are not far from the end of the term!

Need help with a spring cleaning of your ePortfolio? Make a Zoom appointment for ePortfolio support!

How do you make an appointment with a DigiSpace consultant?

  1. Visit TutorTrac (SASC’s scheduling site), and log in using your UNE credentials (user name and password are the same as your UNE email).
  2. Search by entering your last name, and then select your full name from the list.
  3. Select your campus under the “Center” drop-down menu. You will have several options. *Select either Biddeford Online or Portland Online to see availability for remote support via Zoom.
  4. Click the “Search Availability” button in the top left corner.
  5. Select the class associated with your project, or select “Not Course Specific,” if appropriate.
  6. Next, open the drop down menu for “Reason,” and select “Digital Project Support/ePortfolio” to schedule your appointment.
  7.  Click the “Search” button for available appointments.
  8. After you have selected an appointment, be sure to click “Save.”