Getting Started

If you would like to have your students use ePortfolio, the easiest first step is to use it for blog or journal entries. The interface looks similar to social media sites, and students would simply create posts as responses to assignments or as journal entries. Students could add pictures to their posts or hyperlinks to Google Docs or youtube presentations as well.

Another possible structure is to have students share one or two projects in ePortfolio. This would be accomplished by adding a page and cutting and pasting the assignment onto the page or by sharing the Google Doc link to the assignment.

To begin the process, email Jen Gennaco to request ePortfolios or to learn more.

Below are some sample ePortfolios that illustrate varying levels of engagement with the platform. To learn more about faculty uses and impressions, please visit Faculty Voices.

As professors embed ePortfolio in their courses, some have also begun collections of course work. To see a sample of showcase-style collections, visit Jesse Miller’s Food for Thought, which incorporates projects completed in his English Composition course, or visit Amy Amoroso’s Finding Words, which showcases essays written for her Narrative Medicine course.