Ideas to Earn a Multimodal Badge

How do you earn a UNE multimodal badge?

Undergraduate students can earn a multimodal badge by completing three digital projects (using a variety of media) that demonstrate the student’s basic understanding of digital composition and editing. Students will also compose a reflection that explains the process of creating the project, challenges and successes of the process, and choices of format and digital tools.

What qualifies?

  • Two projects may be done as part of course work (accepted but not required) and should be created during a student’s time at UNE. [One group project is acceptable if students demonstrate the composition and editing elements.]
  • Projects must include at least two formats (such as video, audio, multimodal composition, infographic, edited image).
  • One project must demonstrate conscious choices and design by the student, either in a reimagined course project or remixed project that builds on course work. For example, a student may have given a presentation in class and a reimagined version of this could take the information from the class project and convert it to an audio project. Or a student may have written a research paper and a remixed project may be an infographic that is designed for a different audience (such as children as an audience).
  • Each project includes a reflection and screen shots of the software used to create the project.
  • All projects are shared via the student’s ePortfolio site.

What some examples?

Piper, class of 2024, will continue at UNE in the Physician Assistant (PA) program after graduation. Her Med Bio major does not require ePortfolio, but she has been building her site each year and has earned the multimodal badge. In the video, she contextualizes her projects and reflects on the process. Piper created two video projects and reimagined a sociology project into a podcast with former co-worker Jorydn Ransom (class of 2023), who now works in a Maine elementary school.

Piper Explains her Digital Project Work (5 min)

What if I only have one or two projects completed?

Start the process! Some students make their first podcast or digital project in their first year but don’t finish the multimodal badge until their final year. Earning the multimodal badge should be on your schedule and should suit your purposes. If you plan to share your ePortfolio site, you may decide to include projects that highlight your experience and your major. Since your ePortfolio site is a website, give your visitors a variety of ways to understand your skills and experience.

Need some help getting started? Come by DigiSpace @SASC and learn about the process, brainstorm ideas, or get assistance with digital tools. Prefer to experiment on your own first? Use our tutorials and get started with free tools that will help you create, edit, and share your digital projects.