Controlling Spam

Spam happens!

There are two moves to make to reduce spam right after launching your ePortfolio.

One of the most effective ways to limit spam before it gets to your ePortfolio is to get yourself an Akismet API Key and enter it into the Settings > Akismet area of your ePortfolio Dashboard.

Here’s a web-based Akismet tutorial by ClickWP

It takes less than a minute to set up Akismet, it’s free for personal use, and it will dramatically reduce the comment spam you’ll have to deal with. Get yourself a key and use it.

Discussion Settings
Explore options in your Discussion settings (Dashboard > Settings > Discussion) to reduce the potential for spam to slip through and get on your site without your knowledge.

  • You might require comment authors to fill out a brief form that includes a name and email.
  • You might choose to receive email when anyone posts a comment to make sure nothing sits on your site without your knowledge.
  • You might require that a comment author have a previously approved comment before it shows on your site. See below for recommended settings.