Header Image(s)

Adding a header image is a quick and easy way to customize your site. Most themes have a customizable header. Here are the basics:

  • Choose a header that is relatively solid or with a scene that is easy to recognize.
  • Use an image that is either royalty free or Creative Commons. Google images may or may not be copyrighted, so try a site that specializes in copyright free images like Unsplash.com. If you use Unsplash, open the image, click “download for free,” choose the small image, and copy the attribution. These creators offer their work to us for free, so it’s the least we can do for cool images!
  • Next log into your site, and navigate to Customize (Appearances > Customize). Select header image. Then “add new image.” Upload the Unsplash image.
  • Paste the attribution into the Caption box and add Alt Text. If the image is decorative, you may note that. Alt text is important for people who use readers to understand what the image is or does on the site. Then click Select and Crop.
  • Crop the image by clicking in the middle to move the selected area up or down. Click Crop Image or skip cropping button. Further adjust if your theme has the option.

You may need to adjust where the header image or change your font color. If you scroll to the bottom, you will also be able to see how your site will look on different-sized screens. In the image below, the selection is for tablets.