One of the features of WordPress that makes it so powerful – and popular – is its ability to work as a website¬†and a blog. Menus (navigation menus, really) enable you to build and customize your ePortfolio’s navigation.

You might want links to your resume, to work for a range of courses, to personal projects, and even to your social media accounts on your ePortfolio. You need to use one or more Menus to present this material in an elegant, organized way.

Two good resources on creating menus are Reclaim Hosting and WP Beginner:

Reclaim Hosting’s text and screen-capture tutorial can be found in their WordPress FAQ.

WP Beginner has a nice, quick video tutorial on Menus in WordPress:

If you prefer a text-based version with screen captures, WP Beginner is still a good source for a Menus tutorial.

Remember, if you change your theme after creating a custom menu, you may need to go back into Appearance > Menus to place your custom menu where you want it to go in the new theme! This is usually pretty easy.