When you add images to your ePortfolio, always credit the source. If you took the image yourself, give yourself photo credit. If you are using an image you found online, be sure that it is not copyrighted. One good source for images that are copyright-free is The composers offer their work royalty-free but be sure to cite them (see the citation below).

Photo of Gmina Kleszczów, Poland
by Janke Laskowski on Unsplash, 2019

Zooming Images and Gallery Photos

If you are including photos of annotations, be sure to select “link to media file.” If you do, a viewer will be able to click on your image and zoom in, so your original image does not need to take up the whole page.

Image Upload Issues

Sometimes images do not upload easily. If the image is too big or if your file type is not compatible (such as HEIC or high-efficiency image codec, which is a compressed image file), you have several options. The easiest is often to take a screen shot of the image and upload it to your ePortfolio. Another is to convert the file by saving it as a .jpeg file.

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