UNEPortfolio Network Connecting to Okta

So what?

Your UNE password is now connected to the UNEPortfolio Network, so you will no longer have a separate password to log into your site.

How do you get to your site(s)?

After logging in through Okta, select the Waves icon for uneportfolio.org, and you will be logged into the UNEPortfolio Network. Next, navigate to your site by clicking the upper left “My Sites.” You will see a dropdown of sites where you are a user of the site (this may include sites you have visited). If you are an administrator of the site, you will see the dashboard option; for other sites, you can only visit. Each user has their own list of sites. If you don’t see the main site immediately, click “Go to UNE Portfolio @SASC.”

Alternatively, you can open another window and navigate to your site by typing the URL or using a bookmark (if you have bookmarked your site). You should stay logged in, so if a user has selected “network users only,” you will see their site.

Why not reset my password from here?

Reset your password through Okta to avoid creating divergent passwords.