Multimodal Badge Workshop – This Friday!

Digital badges, also referred to as micro-credentials, are used to acknowledge a set of skills or experiences that may be outside of a specific course of study or program. They often convey a proficiency, similar to the way a certificate demonstrates completion of a program or a training.

Multimodal Badge Workshop at SASC Commons Biddeford on Friday, February 11 from 10:00-11:00 am

Why bother earning a multimodal one? To a student, a digital badge acknowledges an additional skill set that may not be evident from a transcript. To an employer, digital badges may be used to identify candidates who have a certain expertise or set of skills and have provided evidence that demonstrates their skill. Earning the multimodal digital badge demonstrates a basic level of skill to create and edit projects. You may already have digital projects, such as podcasts, audio projects, video projects or a blog that qualifies as one of three digital projects to earn the badge. Come to the workshop to learn more about the badge, determine digital projects that may be eligible to help you earn the badge, and understand the process for earning the badge.

Please pre-register by logging into TutorTrac, searching for availability, and selecting either the course where you are making a digital project or “not course specific” and SASC workshop. Click the search button and select the multimodal badge snippet workshop.