The Value of ePortfolio: Profile of an Education Major

Jordyn’s sample (using Bitmoji) of an online resource for kindergarteners

Education major and writing minor Jordyn Ransom is a senior who has been building her ePortfolio for three years. Jordyn plans to be a kindergarten teacher and is currently working as a tutor at the DigiSpace at SASC, where she helps her peers build out their ePortfolios and create digital projects. Her responses highlight some of the values of building an ePortfolio for students as they actively reflect on their own learning across time as well as constructing a robust ePortfolio to share with prospective employers.

My site has almost all of my knowledge relating to education, and I think there’s so much value in that for me, and whoever may visit my site.

– Senior Jordyn Ransom, Education Major and Writing Minor

When asked about the value of her ePortfolio to her teaching major, Jordyn focuses on the depth of her educational knowledge but also the importance of the process in building her confidence. “Being able to look back at everything I’ve done in education from freshman year to now really reminds me that I do know what I’m doing, and I’ve taken so many steps towards becoming a great teacher.” Jordyn intends to use her collection to share with future employers and also when she becomes a teacher. She notes, “I want to use it in my future classrooms, as I have many lesson plans and presentations on my portfolio.”

Jordyn also shared some thoughts about the way her ePortfolio allows her to share a variety of content across her major and minor. “I really like using ePortfolio for my coursework as opposed to more traditional formats because I think it allows me to not only show more of my creativity with assignments, but it helps me put everything into one place so I have easy access to it. With my major in education and my minor in writing, I use my ePortfolio to house all of these assignments in one place where my professors can see them easily, and I’ll have access to it even after I leave UNE.”

As Jordyn notes, her ePortfolio will be available for her to use for at least a year after she graduates, or she could easily download the contents to her own site. She continues, I love to be able to include pictures or videos easily into the site that allow me to really improve my work.” As an education major, Jordyn includes the Maine State Educational Standards that she must demonstrate to be licensed to teach in Maine. She is able to embed or link projects and organize her ePortfolio for visitors to see a variety of content.

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