Curating your Nursing ePortfolio

Graduating this year? How will you use your ePortfolio to prepare? Your ePortfolio site can be curated to highlight your skills and experience, and the process of curation helps you prepare to speak about it during interviews. You may also use your site to revisit important experiences and learning. In the videos linked below, a few recent graduates share their curation approaches and how they used ePortfolio in their job search.

Caroline, BSN class of 2023, tried a variety of themes before settling on Ashe, which allowed customization with a featured content slider. She focused on highlighting her additional communication skills as well as her collaboration and professionalism content with her menu. In this video, she also discusses how curation helped her prepare for interviews.

Caroline Discusses ePortfolio Curation

Not sure it’s worth the effort of curating? Arman, a 2022 ABSN grad, shares his experience. He wanted a simple design with minimal curation, so he went with the Cubic theme. Sharing his ePortfolio with an employer led him to the Nursing position he really wanted.

Arman Shares his Experience of Discussing his ePortfolio Content during a Job Interview (5 min.)
Arman Shares His Reluctance to Share his ePortfolio and his Curation Approach (2 min.)

Will you use your ePortfolio after graduation? That’s up to you! UNE will host your ePortfolio site for up to a year after graduation as you transition. During that time, downloading the content of your ePortfolio and creating a low-cost or free WordPress site to host it only takes a few minutes.