Podcasting with Friends

From novice recordings from home to studio-produced series, podcasting has grown in popularity. You don’t need high-tech equipment to make an audio project or podcast because there are many open-source and free tools for editing and hosting. Open-source editing software such as Audacity (for both PCs and Macs) and free editing software such as Garageband (Macs) are great and relatively easy to learn. What if you want to collaborate, though? Try a free account at Spotify’s Soundtrap. Like a shared document (such as a Google Doc), you and others can record and edit the same sound file to create an audio project or podcast. Your recording can then be exported and shared.

NPR's Recommended Podcasts for 2023

Did you know that UNE students have access to equipment and audio project support through SASC? If you are on the Biddeford campus, SASC’s DigiSpace in partnership with the College or Arts and Humanities (CAH), offers support for CAH’s Rodecaster mixing board for recording high-quality audio. The Rodecaster can also record calls, allowing you to record with friends or families from afar. If you’d rather work on your own, Ketchum Library also has portable audio recorders that can be checked out to allow you to capture the outside soundscape or interview in a location of your choice. Visit DigiSpace for help with editing or sharing your work.