GREAT NEWS!  We’re incredibly excited to announce that the Digispace lab is set to launch!  We will officially open on Monday, September 12!  Huzzah!

This semester you can find the lab in Marcil Hall 217AB.  Our intrepid Consultant Miranda Hall will be on hand to assist with your all of digital projects.  Need help with ePortfolio/WordPress, Audacity, iMovie?  We have you covered!

Hours: 5-8pm, Monday-Thursday.

Please come and visit this exciting new digital makerspace at UNE!

2 thoughts on “LAUNCH!”

  1. Yay! Welcome Miranda!

    I posted a link to your profile and DigiSpace page, here: My students are starting to work on embedding (not linking) Google Docs document in WordPress pages. Some may start seeking help in the next week or so.

    Here are some of the ePortfolio tasks my students are working on:
    -Create a new post (not page) on your ePortfolio site called Reading Superman and Me. Take photos of a few marked up pages of “Superman and Me” that demonstrate your best mark ups. Post these photos on your ePortfolio site. Explain at least two of the comments you’ve made on that page. What is your annotation helping you do?

    -By Wednesday, Sept. 21, create a page (not post) in your ePortfolio called Pre/Post: Use the instructions here ( to embed your draft and final versions of the First Week Writing Assignment into your Pre/Post page. For help with any ePortfolio assignments visit Miranda Hall, the Digital Literacy Consultant, in the DigiSpace in Marcil 217AB. The DigiSpace is open Monday-Thursday 5-8PM. So plan ahead.

  2. Great! I am excited to have my students visit. This week, they will be working on setting up their ePortfolios and adding some pages. One of their pages will include pictures of their favorite writing spaces, so they may need some help sizing photos (mine seem to all be too big to upload without resizing). Once students are able to get the idea of the ePortfolio, I will have them start uploading essays and the like. I hope to stop by the lab some time this week, too. Thanks!

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