Get Started

Welcome to UNE Portfolios!

You’re probably here because you want to build your ePortfolio and aren’t sure how to begin. We break it down into two steps.

Step One – Get a Website

If you’re in a course using ePortfolio, your professor has probably already arranged for you to have a website. Speak with him or her about your website. Once you hear that your site has been created, look in your email inbox (check the junk/spam folder!) for a message with “New UNEPortfolios Site” in the subject field. Follow the instructions in that email, move to step two, and get building!

If you’re not in a course using ePortfolio, just head over to the Support page, request an ePortfolio site, and we’ll hook you up!

Step Two – Build Your ePortfolio

We have a bunch of self-guided WordPress help in the ePortfolio area of Tutorials, and they’ll help you with the technical aspects of WordPress, the backbone of UNE Portfolios.

We recommend beginning with our “Getting Started” tutorials: